Barrow & Company

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Barrow and Co. LLP, was established by Denys Barrow CBE, SC following the dissolution of Staine & Barrow law firm which was established in 1977. The Firm offers a full range of legal services and has a sound reputation nationally and internationally. The Firm originally started from offices in the heart of downtown Belize City on Regent Street and in 2005 moved to its current location on Coney Drive, Belize City a new centre of commercial activity in the city. The namesake of the firm, Mr. Denys Barrow CBE, SC, left the firm on appointment as a Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice, the final Court of Appeal of Belize.

The Barrow and Co. LLP family has three attorneys along with a dedicated support staff. The years of standing of its members collectively spans over 40 years with 23 years for Mr. E. Andrew Marshalleck SC; 15 years for Mrs. Liesje Barrow Chung and 4 years for Mr. Jaraad Ysaguirre.

The firm offers a wide range of services in the areas of Commercial, Corporate, Banking and Insurance, Taxation, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate, Debt Collection, Admiralty and Ship Registration, Intellectual Property and Constitutional matters. The firm serves all of the larger commercial banks and a number of the larger insurance companies in Belize in a wide range of banking and insurance matters on a regular basis. The firm has also handled complex civil litigation for a variety of private commercial clients as well as for the Government of Belize and its various agencies.